In the eastern part of Pennsylvania, there is a church in the city of Exton where rich tradition and modern innovation lodge together – Grace Covenant EPC. Like many non-profit organizations, Grace Covenant church is unapologetic in its mission to transform the lives of those in their community. What’s different about Grace Covenant is their every-day challenge to honor the legacy of faith that has been laid before them in a context that is quick to throw all of it away.

Haggard Newman was contacted to prepare their annual report in an “infographic style.” They had an example of what they wanted it to look like, but the only kind of branding they had was a logo. With less than two weeks to turnaround, we knew this small organization was making big changes and we wanted to honor their hard work. We designed not only their annual report (with a round a revisions), but a branding guide with all source materials so their visual identity could be as high as their life-changing work.


Infographic Presentation


Grace Covenant EPC

What We Did

Graphic Design, Branding, Infographic Presentation

How The Project Was Received

This is so incredible! I’m beyond happy! ...I will be very proud to share such a professional presentation with our congregation.

Tim BrownPastor
High Quality. Stunning Design.

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