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Sometimes we need to find a new direction, change our course, or start over. Wherever the destination, it takes a lot to get there, and we could all use a little inspiration along the way. Below are the resources that have shaped our thinking and we’re sure will provide valuable information to you as well.

We’ve compiled our favorite resources and linked them in the sections below. Click any icon to visit the linked content.

Authors & Books

Peter F. Drucker

Known as the “Father of modern management,” Drucker is not only an author of 39 management books, but the undisputed authority on the topic. If you’re looking to change your business for the better and haven’t read his work, we highly recommend changing that; it’s essential business literature for all the right reasons. Read more about him on Drucker’s Wikipedia page

Crossing the Chasm

It’s rare when something truly unique comes along, but perhaps it occurs no more consistently than in “tech.” In this quick read, Moore shows the Technology Adoption Life-cycle and the chasm between early adopters and the early majority. It’s an essential responsibility for innovators to do whatever they can to reduce the gap between them and ultimately increase successful adoption.

The Lean Startup

Appearing on the required reading lists of Wharton, Stanford, and Harvard, a favorite among Fortune 500 CEOs, and a New York Times Bestseller, Eric Ries’ classic work is a business must-read. Ries introduces the idea of “validated learning” and offers a way for starting businesses to continuously improve based on testing and experimentation.

W. Edward Deming

Born in 1900, Dr. W. Edward Deming was a visionary business thinker hailed as the “father of quality.” Dr. Deming’s pioneering approach to improvement is credited as the transformational force behind post-WWII Japan’s industrialization and rise to economic success. In his most famous work, Out of the Crisis, Dr. Deming delineates an interdependent, 14-point system to management that has literally revolutionized the world. If history is teacher, than we believe it has just as much bearing on business today. For more information, podcasts, and videos, visit

How to Win Friends & Influence People

Before “self-improvement” was not a genre, Dale Carnegie wrote a book that would shape the lives of readers all around the world and over a century. With more than 15M copies sold and 16,000+ five-star reviews on Amazon, this time-tested book provides techniques to make people like you, persuade them to your thinking, and create change in others without resentment. We know it will inspire you to achieve success in your business and personal lives as it has for so many already.

Videos & Podcasts

Randy Pausch Commencement Speech

Professor and author of “The Last Lecture,” Randy Pausch, made a surprise return to Carnegie Mellon University where he delivers his abiding advice to the Class of 2008 at their Commencement ceremony.

We don’t beat the reaper by living longer. We beat the reaper by living well.

Timestamp 2:36.

Simon Sinek - Millennials in the Workplace

From YouTube, “Simon Sinek speaking about Millennials in the workplace of today, The following video is an excerpt from an episode of Inside Quest with Tom Bilyeu. Full credit to Inside Quest.”
Read the 
full transcript from

Low Profile Selling

Originally released in 1994 on cassette, with additional works published in 1980, Tom Hopkins unique approach to selling is the best in the business for those who know. Complete with an accompanying worksheet, this series outlines how being low key and asking questions will win against pushy tactics with facts and figures every time.

Universal Principles of Design

Based on William Lidwell’s award-winning books, this series documents the unspoken rules and theories of design. Some you’ve probably heard of, others you may not have, but all are critical to successful designs and are sure to take your work to the next level. 

Watchtower of Turkey

Wondering if your presentation is engaging enough? Sometimes the most inspirational things in life are not read or even seen, but felt. For a truly immersive experience, watch visionary editor and director, Leonardo Dalessandri’s cinematic journey with fast-paced transitions and breathtaking footage of more than 3500 km traveled in 20 days… just make sure you’re sitting down.

The Century of Self

From advertising to marketing to politics, this 4-part documentary explores how the idea of the “Self”, invented by Sigmund Freud and brought to bear on the American market by his nephew Edward Bernays, has permeated our society and formed the basis of modern marketing – whether we like it or not. Hang on to your hats for this one.

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