Our Approach

We first began work with OTA (the Oyebog Tennis Academy) in 2016 advising the non-profit on ways to promote their biggest event of the year. Shortly afterwards, we realized there was a good amount of work that needed to be done on the website.

Our approach was simple, start with good ol’ fashioned personalized invites, and a pop-up to signup on the homepage of the website that leads to an event-specific page with more details. Clean. Tracked. Affordable. Effective. In the years to follow, we’ve touched every facet of their digital efforts, and made sure their website stays working just as hard as the tireless efforts of their team.

After that, we spent time conducting a website analysis with a focus on donations and calls to action (CTA), competitive analysis within the nonprofit sphere, and making sure the site was intuitive for users from around the world.

Since it’s founding, OTA has introduced over 12,000 children to tennis, giving them not only tennis skills, but life skills as well.

Inspiring Hope

With A

Fuzzy, Yellow Ball

How The Project Was Received

It was really great getting to work with Jeremiah. He was able to help with creating language quickly that was exactly what we wanted. The website changes will help more people see the adorable kids and change their lives!

Sunny ShermanDirector